ALERT – 2018 BWC MCO Open Enrollment is April 30 – May 25

NOACC Endorses MCO Health Management Solutions (HMS)

MCOs provide important BWC services!

Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) help employers file and manage claims, ensure injured workers receive the quality medical care they need, and coordinate a quick and safe return to work.  MCOs are an employer’s first point of contact for claims, and first line of defense to control claim outcomes and premium costs.

BWC pays for MCO services…employers pay $0.  So pick a MCO based upon performance/service excellence

 How to select your MCO during Open Enrollment

  • BWC will only permit employers to switch MCOs in May 2018…next open enrollment is May 2020
  • Employers will choose their MCO based upon performance and service excellence…$0 price difference
  • BWC helps employers choose their MCO based upon BWC’s performance measurements…BWC will publish results in their 2018 MCO Open Enrollment Report Card. Employers can obtain a Scorecard on April 30
  • Employers switching MCOs will need to complete an Open Enrollment Form…it takes 5 minutes!
  • Employers will be barraged by marketing materials/calls during MCO Open Enrollment…be prepared!

Click link below for MCO Enrollment Form 2018:

2018 NOACC – HMS MCO OE enrollment form

Act Now – you can only switch MCOs during April 30 – May 25

If you have any questions about 2018 BWC MCO Open Enrollment, please contact our NOACC partners:

Peter Young, Senior Consultant
Paramount Preferred Solutions (HMS Sister Company)
(Mobile) 216-402-4006
(Toll-free) 877-765-4200 Ext 254
(Toll-free fax) 888-588-7630
Mike Pulsford,  Special Projects Coordinator
Health Management Solutions
(Mobile) 614-354-6084
(Toll-free) 888-202-3515 Ex 300575
(Toll-free fax) 888-303-6294

1 performance results from 2018 BWC MCO Report Care


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