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The Northern Ohio Area Chamber of Commerce (NOACC) and Community Energy Advisors (CEA) are proud to announce that they have partnered to offer all NOACC Chambers an exclusive opportunity for their members to save money on their electricity and natural gas bills. CEA’s group buying program allows members to aggregate and create “market power” for themselves. The Chamber Energy Aggregation Program (CEAP) is designed to create additional buying power, attract suppliers to compete for Chamber members’ business and, drive prices down.

Chamber Energy Program has been developed to increase buying power – so volume is important! The more participants in the program, the more leverage the group will have to drive prices down. This program allows small business owners to benefit by negotiating as if they are a very large user.

Member benefits:
• The program launched Oct 2014 with the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce. Since the launch customers received an average savings of $750.00 over a two-year period.

• There is no cost to enroll in the program but you must be a member of a NOACC Chamber.

• There is a monthly open enrollment period that allows customers to sign up throughout the year as their current electricity and natural gas contracts come up for renewal.

• The program is also for the large Commercial and Industrial Customers. CEA runs a comprehensive RFP using multiple certified retail suppliers to drive prices down.

NOACC Chamber benefits:
• All NOACC Chambers will receive a revenue stream from a portion of CEA’s total commission and Chambers can generate a re-occurring revenue stream as much as $50,000 per year.

• NOACC Chambers can join anytime throughout the year.

• Program will drive revenue and new members into the Chamber.

• Weekly email blasts and monthly updates for newsletters created by CEA.

• Dedicated CEA employee to manage the Chamber Energy Aggregation Program.

• A turn-key program with very low administration requirements from the Chamber.

To learn more about this exciting program please contact Rick Davidson at 330-416-6331 or email and he will schedule a meeting to discuss how you can get started.

Or Click here to view info online

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