Here’s what people are saying about the benefits of NOACC membership…

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The savings with Anthem were substantial, almost $10,00 annually, and it was nice to join a community association like the chamber.  Anthem has offered great coverage and was very easy to work with, one of the easiest from an administration side.  I’ve used all the other carriers in the area, and this was the first time that all aspects of online administration were controlled by me.  Sometimes in the crunch of making the benefits decision, all aspects of the online benefits administration are not revealed until later on and you find out that there is one piece that is not supported online.  That wasn’t the case with Anthem, it’s been great.Lisa DiCapua, Human Resources Director, Cleveland Foodbank; member of North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce.

“We use FedEx all the time and I wasn’t aware that by enrolling in the Chamber Shipping Program that we saved 37% on 5 packages recently.  As a one person office I’m involved in every transaction and it’s reassuring that enrolling in this program was so easy that I didn’t even notice how simple it was to save this much. Thanks for helping me look good.”  Diane Herzog, Diamond Auto Lease

We have been very pleased with the FedEx Shipping Program through NOACC. As you know we have saved substantial dollars on our freight shipments. We are also considering the Partnership Tradeshow Select Program for the transport of our tradeshow items. The Partnership team is very supportive and has done a great job of managing our account. I would likely recommend the program to other chamber members who are looking to cut costs on all of their shipping needs.”   Belinda S. Kuzma, Manager of Administration and Human Resources, CLS Facility Services

Our firm was surprisingly shocked to learn that we saved almost $10,000 on our Anthem Health Insurance because of our membership in the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce.  Since our firm has more than 100 employees we knew we didn’t qualify for the small group program at the chamber, but because we were eligible for the 1% credit through the chamber’s NOACC membership the value of our chamber membership has really “appreciated.” 

Terry W. Vincent, Esq.  BROUSE McDOWELL LPA   

CT Logistics did a good job for us. We didn’t think they could improve our shipping costs, but they did. Using the website to schedule shipments has saved us a lot of time. Their pricing is the best thing going. We have saved between 25-30% annually–over $3000. With shipping costs going up all the time, they have kept our prices down.”

Al Hoeferer, Operations Manager of Summers Rubber, member of Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

I just wanted to let you know how helpful and informative I thought Friday’s Chamber Exchange was. The format worked well and participants shared so much good information. There was a lot of value packed into that hour and a half.  It’s too bad more chamber representatives were unable to take advantage of the opportunity.

Pat Krizansky, Rocky River Chamber of Commerce

We have for many years offered our Chamber members benefits though NOACC and have many members that have joined our chamber just to get benefits offered through them. Marilyn Reeder, Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce

NOACC has been a tremendous asset for membership building in the Garfield Heights Chamber. Many of my members have saved thousands of dollars through their membership and our association with NOACC.

For example I had a member save nearly $50,000 with Anthem health insurance. Needless to say, this enabled this business owner to keep his lights on. Two members recently signed for credit card processing through Heartland Payment Systems. Not only did they save money, but the ease of the reconciling process made Heartland a great asset.

These are only a few examples of the many savings that businesses can save through their chamber with NOACC Benefits

Mary Stamler, Executive Director, Garfield Heights Chamber of Commerce

“Helping my clients, especially small businesses save time and money has made it possible for me to grow my own small insurance agency. The Anthem health insurance and workers compensation benefits through NOACC alone made me valuable to my clients. Their problems are solved and they know that I am working for them. I always encourage my small business clients to join their local chamber and take advantage of other opportunities the chamber offers.”

Jim Prout, Prout and Associates, member Burton, Chardon, Chesterland and Middlefield Chambers of Commerce.

“The Heartland credit card processing pricing structure is very competitive. It’s nice to know they are a local company and the rep is helpful without being pushy–no high pressure. We had been using Heartland Payroll before starting this business. Now with the web access, everything is automatic–all direct deposit.”

Rachel Mannarino, Fairways Indoor Golf-Bar-Grill, member of Chesterland Chamber of Commerce.

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