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Community Energy Advisors
Rick Davidson
Joe LaGuardia
689 W Liberty Street
Medina, OH 44256
Office 330-721-8000
Fax 330-721-8111
www.ceateam.comMember of Greater Medina Chamber since 2013.Company Stability:
Financially sound, over 12,000 clients and in business two years.

Marketing Strategy: 

  • CEA will distribute educational materials to each executive director/chamber and set-up one-on-one training.
  • CEA has a dedicated resource to manage the entire Chamber Program.
  • CEA will produce weekly email blasts that will be released to each chamber and a monthly write-up for the Chamber newsletters.
  • All Chambers will have information on the energy program for new and renewal members.
  • CEA will attend monthly meetings and discuss programs to members.
  • CEA will attend networking events throughout the year.
  • CEA will collect testimonials and report the success of the program each month.
  • CEA will work with Chambers to run an outbound calling campaign driving enrollment.
  • CEA will work with Chambers on a direct mail campaign.
CEA and NOACC are proud to announce that they have partnered to offer all Chamber members an exclusive opportunity to save money on their electricity and natural gas bills.  The Chamber Energy Program is designed to create additional buying power, force suppliers to compete for Chamber members’ business and drive prices down.

Customers will see a savings over 15% and also protect them from increasing energy costs.

A portion of the re-occurring commission received by Community Energy Advisors, will be shared with the local chamber.

Testimonials:I found Community Energy Advisors (CEA) at a time when I was desperate to understand the energy market.  My business was facing increasing energy costs and I felt like I had no control over my future.  I found it extremely hard to understand the marketplace, never mind navigate it on my own.  Then I found a trusted partner in CEA.  Within days of reviewing my historical energy usage they helped me secure future prices so that I can plan and budget for my business knowing what my true energy cost structure looks like in the future.  Rick Davidson, the founder and Principal of the business, brings many years of experience in the industry and serves as a trusted partner.Andrea Mitchell Kimmel
President & CEO, Sweet Kiddles
Just a quick note to let you know how much my company appreciates your service. You’ve help educate us on the complexity of the energy market & gave us options to choose from. Your team is very professional & dedicated to your cause. Thanks again for everything. Delmar Jones, President
Jonesy’s Classic Cleaners
Farmers Exchange is a Medina, Ohio employer.  We recently became aware of the Medina County Chamber Energy Program offered thru Community Energy Advisors (CEA).   CEA quickly analyzed our energy needs and truly save our firm money on our energy.  For a business that gets numerous phone calls and visits from price-only energy sales people, it was refreshing to work with a knowledgeable firm like CEA who understands the energy markets and found the best options for our firm.   It’s nice to work with a local company like CEA, who supports business thru our local chamber.Jim Duffy, Owner
Farmers Exchange, Medina, Norton, Berea
Literature: Chamber Energy Program 2015; NOACC Benefits Brochure
REVIEW: NOACC Office: Call 886-466-6222 or email for more info.