Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program

Workers’ Comp Premium DISCOUNT Savings….
A positive impact to your bottom lineQuality CLAIMS MANAGEMENT….
An experienced and proactive team working for YOU, the employerAttorney Representation at Industrial Commission Hearings AVAILABLE for Group Members….
Critical to the outcome of a hearing

Save on Workers’ Compensation Premiums with a Trusted Team

Benefits 1 Group, the NOACC Preferred Workers’ Compensation Partnership Team Since 2008

Chamber members enjoyed B1G Workers’ Compensation premium savings in 2013!

  • $3,151 average BWC premium savings per member
  • $385,000 total BWC premium savings

Benefits 1 Group offers the best rates and lowest fees for all of your 2015 BWC Third Party Administration needs! Services include:

  • Group Rating Programs
  • Group Retro Programs
  • Expert Claims Management
  • BWC Hearing Representation
  • Other BWC Discount Programs
  • Return-to-Work Services
  • Safety Programs
  • Unemployment Services

Owned and Operated in Northeast Ohio

For a free, zero-obligation assessment, visit or call 877.765.4200.

Ask for Peter Young, Vice President, Chamber Client Services, ext. 254.


The Ohio BWC is in the process of making sweeping changes to its premium billing program. The transition from retrospective to prospective premium billing will affect every Ohio employer with workers’ compensation insurance. To learn more about the BWC’s timeline for the changes and how to prepare, watch this 15 minute video presented by our Workers’ Compensation partner, Benefits 1 Group, LLC. Questions? Contact Peter Young at 877.765.4200 ext 254.