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NEWS:  Save up to 53% off your workers’ comp premium in 2014!

 The BWC program, Destination: Excellence allows employers to combine discounts and safety rebates to create substantial premium savings. Group-rated employers are now eligible to receive as much as 53% savings for 2013! Employers who do not qualify for the group rating program can also take advantage of these programs and combined discounts for a savings of up to 20%. These discounts are effective for the policy year beginning July 1, 2014 for private employers and January 1, 2015 for public employers.

 In addition to group rating savings, discount potential is based on a number of key factors including claims history and company size. As a preferred partner for your chamber since 2010, Benefits 1 Group ensures that members receive the maximum premium savings possible.

 Benefits 1 Group will:

  • Evaluate how much you can save by participating in the group rating program (up to 53%);
  • Determine savings potential beyond the group-rated discount;
  • Identify your potential savings from each discount or rebate, while taking into consideration your company’s costs and ability to maintain safety programs.

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Questions? Call or email Peter Young, Chamber Client Services, Benefits 1 Group at (877) 765-4200 ext. 254 or  .

Benefits 1 Group, the official NOACC-endorsed workers’ compensation third party administrator, has shared a special report on the state of workers’ compensation in Ohio. This special edition of their newsletter presents information on topics including rate changes impacting employers in the near future, fraud investigations, legal updates we can all learn from, as well as recent discussions on a potentially privatized workers’ compensation program in Ohio. Please take a look and feel free to contact them with any questions. To access the special report, click here:

Information on Educational Events:

Benefits 1 Group, NOACC’s preferred workers’ compensation third party administrator, hosted a live webinar on May 26, 10:00  - 11:00 a.m. Click here for more info:

From the Workers’ Comp 101 Series: WORKERS AND THEIR BENEFITS

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Benefits 1 Group is NOACC’s preferred third party administrator providing industry expertise on workers’ compensation and group rating discounts. Please feel free to visit the link pasted below to read their spring newsletter. In this publication, you will find updates on Bureau deadlines, legal news, and information on protecting yourself from employee drug use and injury.

2011 ONLINE TRAINING & EDUCATION:  Efficient and effective tricks to expedient return to work Meet the Medical Director and get inside tips on medical cost containment.

As friends of Benefits 1 Group, a subsidiary of AdvoCare Group, NOACC members receive the client rate ($20) for registration to all webinars through April 29!How to Expedite Medical Care and Cut Costs/Build Relationship with Your Medical Provider
Presenter: Dr. Harvey Popovich, MD, Family and Occupational Medicine; Medical Director, AdvoCare, Inc.
Wednesday, April 27, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Fee: $20 for clients; $35 for general public
AdvoCare, Inc.’s in-house medical director presents valuable information on avoiding common pitfalls in communication between the case manager, the injured worker, and the treating physician. The doctor will discuss claims prevention and workplace safety among other ways in which you can directly impact the speed and efficiency with which cases are handled. Dr. Popovich will also address the value in building a relationship with your medical provider.Participants will have the opportunity to send questions live during the webinar. Plus, AdvoCare Group representatives will be available following the presentations for any additional questions.